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The Vereeniging Airport (FAVV) details are as follows: Airport Co-ordinates: S26 34.2    E027 57.5 Radio Frequency: 122.1 Mhz Airport is unmanned, although a tower has been constructed on the site.                                                    NOTE: Unmanned procedures to be strictly adhered to - beware training    aircraft and microlights in the circuit at all hours. Aerobatic                    activity may also be in progress.                                    ============ Runways: 03/21 (1605 x 22m) and 15/33 (1135 x 16m)  03 & 33 are Right-Hand Circuits! Runway Lights: Runway 03/21 has lighting. (Switch on - 5 clicks on radio) Airport Elevation: 4846 ft ( 1468 m ) A Breakcloud procedure exists for NDB VV (460 Khz) Special Important Note:  An Aerobatic Box has been assigned at the airport, situated (and adjoining) to the East of runway 03/21 The box is demarcated on the ground with white markers and is one kilometer square. It is VERY IMPORTANT to call on the FAVV frequency on approach to the airfield (FAVV zone is 5nm radius) to confirm whether the aerobatic box is active. When active, all aircraft approaching should join from the western side of the airfield and refrain from joining overhead. Runway 03 then be- comes a left-hand circuit.
Fuel (Both AVGAS and Jet A1) is available at the Airfield, but you should first confirm the availability by phone. Call Sefatsa:  078 861 6272 or you can try Morris: 071 011 8388 Airport management is by the Sedibeng District Council, although it is usually difficult to find anybody responsible (go figure) in order to ascertain the status of the airfield and at times maintenance is performed on the runways or the area close to the runways, mostly without any prior notice either by NOTAMs or to any of the operators on the field. At such times unmarked vehicles and workers occupy sections of the runways randomly and are also seemingly unaware of aircraft movement. If you need to confirm the status at FAVV you can call the webmaster or try Rosa (016-450-3995) or Glenda (083-235-1111 / 084-429-9950).
Vereeniging Airport