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2015 Every time we get to a new year, there’s hope that things will start to improve. At this time (October 2015) the runway lights are functional and they are operationsl 24/7, unless there has been a power cut. At Circus airfield, which is like 4 minutes flight from FAVV, the Rainbow Air Flying School has now obtained a Cheetah for training - ZU-DZW. The school is operational and considering the possibility of obtaining a second Cheetah in order to meet the growing demand. The fuel situation Generally speaking, you can purchase fuel at Vereeniging airport during normal office hours. The rate is actually quite reasonable as well. However, it is better to make sure that you can actually purchase fuel when you get there - before you go there. It seems that management needs to wait for the tanks to be emptied before requesting a tender for a refill, which then first has to go through the red tape involved in the efficiency challenged local administration’s procedures before the topping up can commence. Contact information is available on the information page of this website.  
Vereeniging Airport